Trusted Family Dentists in Bowling Green

Trusted Family Dentists in Bowling GreenMaintaining a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime is essential for the entire family, and quality dental care is a vital part of the process. At Legacy Dental Care, we provide family dentistry in Bowling Green to help patients of all ages achieve and maintain beautiful smiles. We provide personalized dental services to meet the many challenges your family faces at every stage of life.

Our team has experience and training in providing dental care to the elderly, adults, teenagers, toddlers, and infants. We'll work with you to determine the needs of every family member and provide comprehensive care. Whether you're looking for cleanings for your child, gum care for a parent, or a cosmetic treatment for yourself, you'll have the help you need from a reliable and friendly team. Call our office today to book your first appointment with our experienced family dentists!


What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is dental care tailored to address the changing needs of patients at different stages of life. Its wide range encompasses oral hygiene, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services. Our family dentists offer personalized treatments to ensure the needs of all family members are met.

When you choose our dental office, your children can see the same dentist from infancy to adulthood and build lifelong relationships. You also benefit from the convenience of being able to schedule a visit for multiple family members at once. Our family dentists are familiar with dental technologies and innovations and is dedicated to offering effective and comfortable treatments for all ages.

An Array of Dental Services for the Whole Family

Our family dentistry services at Legacy Dental Care include diagnosis, monitoring, and treating unique conditions that affect patients of all ages. If you are looking for a gentle family dentist, we're happy to work with patients with anxieties and fear to help you get the care you need. We will put you at ease and talk you through the treatment process so that you always feel safe and informed. You can count on us to be patient, understanding, and compassionate in every treatment we provide.

Fun and Friendly Dental Services for Children

Fun and Friendly Dental Services for ChildrenAt our practice, we provide comprehensive dental services for children starting from age five. Our team works with children at their pace to make dental visits a positive and relaxed experience. We work closely with parents to ensure the child is comfortable during their treatment.

We perform thorough exams and cleanings to keep your child's teeth and gums healthy and look out for any signs of complications with their bite. We will provide helpful advice to children and show them the best ways to care for their growing smiles.

Our team can provide dental fillings for children and extractions where necessary. We can handle most of your child's needs here in our office and can refer you to a trusted pediatric dentist if your child's situation is more complex.

Providing Dental Care for Teenagers

We strive to help teenagers foster oral hygiene and health practices that will help them maintain beautiful and functional smiles for a lifetime. In addition to providing oral hygiene advice and tips, we also monitor your teen for orthodontic issues and connect you with an orthodontist when needed. Our family dentists will provide sports guards to protect your teen's teeth and gums while playing sports. In addition, we offer mouthguards for teenagers who suffer from teeth grinding.

Dental Treatments for Adults & Seniors

Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Bowling GreenOur team focuses on keeping teeth and gums healthy using a wide array of preventive and restorative treatment solutions. We'll help you preserve your teeth as long as possible and can offer options like full and partial dentures or dental implants to restore your smile after tooth loss.

As people mature into adulthood, it's critical to maintain excellent oral hygiene and maintain regular cleanings. Losing teeth does not inevitably happen as you grow older. Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy can help preserve senior smiles for as long as possible.

Many seniors are often impacted by gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss. Our Bowling Green family dentists offer gentle and skilled periodontal cleanings to combat gum disease. If caught quickly enough, we may be able to halt the damage caused by gum disease. Should you be suffering for advanced gum disease, our team will refer you to a trusted local specialist.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Bowling Green

If you need quality dentistry for your family members, the team at Legacy Dental Care can help. Our Bowling Green family dentists are experienced and well-equipped to provide services for the whole family. We are committed to offering comfortable, comprehensive dental care regardless of your needs or current health situation. Contact our office to set up your appointment for your family today!